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We, Kay and Yvonne Pittelkow, are twins living on the beautiful shore of Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia. "Just up from Sydney", we say, although it is 2 hours on the expressway.

We create - painting, sculpture, jewelry, accessories and homewares.  We sell from market stalls in the Hunter valley and Lake Macquarie districts - mainly our jewelry and homewares which are made from synthetic clay - PVC embedded with pigment that hardens on curing -  or resin. As markets have become more eco-sensitive we have added a large component of recyclable objects to our table - bottle art, jewelry and accessories made from soft drink bottles. Kay is a regular contributor to the Lake Macquarie sustainability exhibition-_Waste to Art and featured in the Newcastle Herald recently with her recycled pieces.

Artists, artisan or crafter? All 3 at different times. Both of us are happiest when we are learning. That means we are constantly designing, prototyping and testing the boundaries of our skills and knowledge. I (Kay) am the sculptor and the creator of the bottle art. I enjoy the challenge of commissions. Yvonne paints, enjoying the serendipity of watercolour on Yuppo - the balance between skill and luck is a tension packed experience. She is constantly striving towards perfection and the balance she achieves between colour and pattern are evident on her jewelry pendants and beads .  The interplay between us, results in a wide variety in design and colour.

We are rapidly progressing in ceramics - Kay in hand building sculptures and Yvonne on the pottery wheel producing quirky organic flatware.

Kay is quietly serious about her sculpture and is starting to be exhibited in the local region. Her artist bio can be found here. Her Sculpture can be found here.


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