0113006 200x160

Tribal four faced pendant

Inspired by the four-faced ritual carvings from the eastern Congo, Warega, this decorative sculpture is handcrafted in polymer clay. Here it is attached to a spiral chain maille chain made, I think, in bronze. It can also be used in place of a tassel for a curtain tie back, the end of a pull switch or just hung decoratively.

Each face is subtly different. The colour is a soft brown marbled with a slightly lighter tone.

If you don't intend to use the chain contact me and I will detach or remove the chain and modify the fitting if you want to string the sculpture on something radically different.

The pendant is 7.5 cm in length including brass spiral. Width at widest place is 3 cm in diamter. The "free" part of the chain is 68 cm (long).

Pendant 0113006 was handcrafted in polymer by Kay.

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