0113048 200x160

Scarf Pendant or tube. Black, terracotta and off white on creamy off white.

Scarf accessories take the humble scarf from a functional accessory to an important part of your outfit. They can also be important in coordinating an outfit with a scarf that didn’t quite go. This creamy white scarf pendant or tube is covered in a random placement of marbled motifs in black, terracotta and off white. It has been buffed to a high sheen. This scarf tube is quiet but the hints of colours lift it. Your choice of scarf rings will either brighten it or keep it low key. I have shown it with black and terracotta rings. All components are handcrafted in polymer. The inner diameter is about 2.5 cm and the overall size is about 4cm x 2.5cm. This size fits summer scarfs and fine wools. Shown here with variety of scarf rings .

Item 0113048 designed by Kay.