0514051 200x160

Dramatic twisted resin necklace pendant in yellows and browns.

In the markets in south France in 2013 and 2014 glass pendants are common. Some show some innovative twisted shapes and in this pendant I have taken the idea and run with it. The result is a dramatic twisting of resin. The image is the detail of an Australian gum during de-barking and was transferred to resin using the technique taught to me by M and C Mousa. The pendant drop is 58cm. For stringing I have used 5 strands of 1mm leather cord. The resin shape measures 110cm top to bottom and has a white resin back. I have handformed a silver clasp in black and silver to suit the necklace. Cords held in place with silver wire connection.

Pendant necklace 0514051 was designed and handcrafted in resin by Kay.  SOLD