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0813022 200x160

0813022b 200x160Echoes of the seaside. Shaped pendant  strongly textured and glowing with iridescent colours in blue and touches of pink, green and gold

I was playing with some shapes inspired by Helen Breil’s book “Shapes” when my imagination took over. The hole in the shape needed a tassel and suddenly it took on a life of its own and twisted over the shape. Add some iridescent colours in blue with touches of pink, green and gold and the pendant reminds you of an early centuries fascination with the seaside.

There is a toggle fastener which allows the pendant to extend to 75cm. The pendant is attached to double strands of 1mm black leather cord with floating iridescent blue polymer beads. Beads are moveable so move gently to desired position (can be glued in place permanent with superglue (At StudioKY we use a gel superglue eg Loctite). I think saying handcrafted in polymer is probably superfluous in this case.

Item # 0813022 designed by Kay