0113001b 200x160

0113001c 200x160Here I demonstrate my first scarf pendant handcrafted out of polymer clay. It can be combined with rings (circles) of solid polymer clay to make a larger piece or, if you are not tall, the center unit works best alone. Some of the Asian scarf pendants have even larger pendants dangling from the scarf tube. My Australian customers have wanted the scarf tube and usually a couple of rings. The customer who bought this scarf pendant (before it even got on our shop) also bought a black textured tube and five sets or rings. 

The scarf pendant utilises the ability of polymer clay to be molded and shaped, but from a designer's viewpoint it is light enough to gently pull a summer scarf (which has been wrapped around the neck) down at the neck to create a soft "V" which is most flattering. It still allows the scarf to cover the sides of the neck essentially creating a collar.  This is how I wear it although it looked fabulous on a friend when used as a traditional scarf ring to the side of her neck - in this case I would also use a pin. She also had it at the front with one scarf rings on either side. She pulled the scarf through the rings and pendant to form almost a knot.  The rings on their own also work well. The current design works for light winter scarves but for the heavier thicker weaved winter scarves it will need some changes including, maybe an armature for added strength.

Of course the comparative large size of the pendant scarf (internal diameter 2-2.5cm. Longest length 40cm) makes a great platform to exhibit polymer clay's decorative capabilities. 

The pendant will sell for about $20 and a set of rings (2 per set) $10. Initially I will offer these at $25 a set