0814036b 200x160

0814036 200x160Statement necklace. Black and white and grey hollow beads. A work of art!

I passed a shop front dressed in this year's black and white monotone outfits. The jewellery didn't go so I came home and, over the next week, I made this necklace. First challenge was how to make hollow beads. The second was to come up with a composition for the pattern as I didn't want just a decorative pattern. Then thelast  challenge was to string beads when my needles wouldn't reach through. The shapes are rock shaped (free form 3-D triangles). It is assymmetric in design. To stop the necklace becoming decorative I have broken the symmetry with two black hollow beads.

The neclace is about 90cm. There are simple beaded earring to match but I would wear small black or white studs if you need to wear earrings.

Necklace 0814036 was handcrafted in polymer by Kay.