0814032b 200x160

0814032 200x160Black and white pinched petal necklace. The petals are white marbled with black. Black also trims each petal.

Petals cover 22 cm of the total length of 45 cm. There is a very small seed bead in black glass (AB) between each petal and where the petals stop the beads continue. Each petal is individually shaped. Closure is by a black and silver handformed hook.

Necklace 0814032 was handcrafted in polymer by Kay.

This necklace was made for a potential customer who wanted one "just like that". Unfortunately "that" necklace had sold. I refused to make another identical to the one that sold so I made this one which has the same effect but is not the same.  BUT the customer who bought the first necklace bought this one too!