1013003c 200x160

1013003 200x160A pinched petal necklace / choker  in pearl ,grey and white neutral colours reminiscent of sea shells.

“I want a choker in neutral colours to wear with white in summer. Something which distracts from my neck”. This pinched petal necklace is definitely 3-D, neutral and suited my customer. It got a lot of attention when it was on a stand at Gordon markets waiting for my customer.

The colours grade from white in the centre to silver which is then bordered in a dirty pearl. The petals are handcrafted in polymer. Touches of pearl mica lift the pearl edge. It was 46 cm long with its extension chain but was shortened for my customer on the spot. It was roughly 5 cm wide. The interest shown by friends and sometimes strangers when she wears this necklace delights my client. "They want to touch it", she says. The photograph did not do it justice.

Item 101303 designed by Kay. Sold.