0113033b 200x160

0113033 200x160This is a designer necklace of plaited brass with handcrafted polymer clay beads. The embedded beads are red followed by a black bead. The plait has  Celtic overtones. With a plait of 48cm and an extender chain extending from 8cm to 17cm it is longer than our usual size. It is designed to allow a gentle curve around the neck. The beads are approx. 7mm  diameter.  It has a hook closure. 

This necklace should be gentle shaped to fit your neck shape. It looks good left with a subtle "V" at centre front reshaped to round or oval . It "works" equally over a fitted jumper in winter or above chamois top in summer.

To achieve a lower postage I may need to bend this necklace to fit the AUSPOST standard size. It is simple to shape it back. Do contact us if this is a problem for you.

Item # 0113033 designed by Kay

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Need a different length or different coloured beads? Please contact me.