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Ear loops in turquoise and black

Light and airy and decidedly different, these earrings defy description. The loops encircle the ear, beads sit against the ear lobe and others dangle below the ear. The loop is a very fine, very flexible golden toned tiger tail. They are for those without pierced ears but I sometime wear them and I have pierced ears. The mainly black and blue beads are in handcrafted polymer clay.

The small beads dangle 3.5cm below the loop. The loop is 13.4cm. IF POSSIBLE PLEASE CUT A PIECE OF STRING 13.4 cm LONG and circle your ear with it. It should be snug and fit between the face and the lobe, I have worn this type of earring all day without dislodging them and without any discomfort although I admit they are snug when first fitted. You are unaware of them within minutes of putting them on.

Because  the beads are spaced, the effect is light and airy. The 3 beads can be worn behind the ear for a different look! 

Contact me if you want a similar earring - maybe a different size, colour or finding. I have made about 5 variants - different colour combinations.

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