1112032 200x160

Scarf pin in green, black, orange & white

Traditionally called a tie or lapel pin, the modern use for this colourful handcrafted polymer clay bead was designed by Yvonne for holding summer scarves away from the neck. Yvonne favours long scarves that wrap around her neck before plunging down the front. She was tired of scarves that lost their positioning as soon as she hurried and wanted a simple method of keeping her scarf in the position she chose. The single pin means that the bead pivots and the scarf does not distort around the pin: the butterfly clutch prevents the pin pricking your skin and stops the bead compressing the scarf.

Summer scarves should not cling to the front of the neck - it is too hot and while it hides the neck it is less flattering that a soft "V". Safety pins are ugly and tend to compress the scarf detracting from the arrangement.

Pin 1112032 was handcrafted in polymer by Yvonne.

Of course the pin can be used as an accent point - wear it on black for a small dramatic accent.
This pin has a silver (plated) pin and clutch plate.

Contact me if you want a longer pin (for puffy fabrics) or a different colour.