0114011b 200x160

0114011 200x160Bracelet in pinched petals: Black trimmed with white then gold.

Although customers usually want to have a choice of earrings to match a necklace it isn’t often, these days that they buy earrings in the same colour and style as the necklace. Particularly if is a statement necklace. I sometimes make a bracelet in the same colour and pattern to match the earrings. After all, in Europe I see women wearing mainly bracelets and earrings and Australian women are starting to follow suit. This bracelet has at least 2 different earrings with which it could be worn  It has an easy fit toggle closure in multi stranded wire and silver plated T-bar. A small silver metal bead allows the wire loop to be tightened around T-’bar to tighten  closure.

Bracelet  was handcrafted in polymer by Kay. I aim to create art .jewellery priced for everyday wear