0413054b 200x160

Circular bangle or cuff in handcrafted polymer. About 2 cm wide, this cuff is the ultimate “blender” and is intended to complement the other bracelets my customer wears. The strip is silver polymer streaked with wisps of black. Black is used as a frame and backing. The cuff is narrow and quite small as large cuffs swamp my customer. It is flexible enough to fit over the wrist but easily strong enough for easy wear. 

The polymer I use is remarkably flexible and this is very desirable for cuffs. However, in this case my customer had very small wrists and worried about losing the cuff. I added a toggle - a black bead on elastic which could be opened to insert hand but tightened once on the wrist. My customer loved the cuff and loved the solution.

Item # 0413054 was designed by Kay. It was a commission and is sold.