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Thin bracelets – plain or decorated. This is a mix-and-match product. Each ring is approximately 6.5cm inner diameter. Ring thickness approximately 6-8mm. These are a standard line at StudioKY and the colours will change. 
This is a line that when you want to buy it would be best to contact StudioKY to chat about your requirements. I like to wear 2 plain colours and 1 patterned but it depends on my outfit. At StudioKY we can make different colours and while we try never to make a duplicate often the effect is the same.
Customer that can visit us can bring in outfits to match. We make a lot of commissions for local customers.
Most customers buy 3 (for $25) but you can mix and match - each plain bracelet is $10 and a patterned bracelet is $15 each.

A=magenta with dark motifs
0113018c 200x1600113018d 200x160B=mix 11March13
C= Black with bright motifs
D= 2 black + black&white with red (SOLD)