New in December 2019

Our last 2 markets were cancelled due to bushfire smoke and gale force winds respectively. Very disappointing particularly after we had wanted to show off our developing range of homewares. On the other hand it gave me time to make Christmas presents. I covered vessels for aromatic sticks, mobile phone stands, bowls and much more.  Even more exciting, my pottery workshop closed for the year and I had the challenge of mounting my creations.

 Here are the "mask" totem.  It is about 60cm tall and still has to have the charcoal (literally!) sealed.

Totem masks 1 x200Totem masks 1b x200Totem masks 1c x200Totem masks 1 detail x200

The Mycenaean figures/vases (much of the detailing and shape owe a lot to sculptor Theodore Papagiannis).  This series is evolving and the next batch is now roughed out:  the technique of how the detailing is achieved will be totally different.  These figures are quite small but have a large presence which I have not captured in the images.

Mycean figure vases 1 x200Mycean figure vases 1b x200Mycean figure vases 2 x200Mycean figure vases 2b x200

The "LIPS" have been mounted above their plinths (noses) but I am not satisfied with the resulting display. Two approaches I am considering: create a black "puddle" which would serve the purpose of uniting the pieces and decreasing the impact of the small black plinth or mount the lips in or above a wood bar without the noses. The noses are sculptures in the own right and could stand alone with some additional element(s) where the dowel now protrudes. Here are two lips groupings: the first image is "The gossips" and the second image is "Two's company - three's a crowd" 

lips 2 gossips x200lips 3 is a crowd x200