New in January 2020

With January and most of February free of markets I take the opportunity to "play". I am going to share some of the prototypes I am working on for a sustainable homewares and jewelry range. 

I will be focussing on using waste plastic and discarded bike inner tubes but this post is about plastic.

Vessels:  I see these being used to hold pens and pencil, flowers (where the base is watertight)

PET pyro vase 1 x200PET pyro vase 1d x200PET pyro vase 1c x200PET pyro vase 1b x200

Earrings.  Some shapes are organic and free formed while some based on a more structured decoration.  These earrings are light - both physically and visually:  the light flows through them. I wear an organic smokey pair and it is like wearing a shadow. I am still working on the finish.

PET earrings teardrop organic red orange x200PET earring 2 x200PET earring 2c x200PET earring 3 x200PET earring 3b x200PET earring 4b x200PET earring 5b x200 PET earring 7 x200PET earring 6 x200