New in February 2020

Lots has been happening in my studio but not a lot to show for it. Was pleased to have won a first, second (jewelery) and third prize (pottery) at the Morisset 2020 Show. A couple of highly commended (recycled section) were also welcomed. A great little show!

But here are some greenware figure vases. When fired the pinky colour will be a deep dusty red, the yellow a light  blue green, the grey, black. There is a slightly darker blue in there as well and the unglazed stoneware will be a grey hue with flecks. I am playing with my first attempt at sgraffito or "scratching" back through underglazes to another colour or the raw clay. We will see what techniques are worth further experimenting after they are fired.

Mycean vases v2 composite x200Mycean vases v2 5 x200Mycean vases v2 6 x200Mycean vases v2 4 x200Mycean vases v2 3 x200Mycean vases v2 1 x200

The firing was a little disappointing but a selection of  the figures look good on my mantle.

figurine vases 2 on mantle x200