New in September 2019

 I am trying to integrate into my local community a bit more so I rather foolishly agreed to enter Lake Macquarie's Sustainability Festival - Waste to Art. I researched possible directions and returned home from Europe inspired. Unfortunately, my skills and tools let me down but I did make some interesting jewelry from bike tubes and PET bottles.  I combined the "beads" with seed beads harvested from a discarded lampshade in one case, and a discarded necklace from an OP shop.  Findings were also OP shop finds.

 Bike tube disc necklace x200Bike tube disc necklace detail x200PET necklace and earring centred x200PET earrings x200Bike tube necklace and earrings x200Pinched petal 2 x200Pinched petal 2 detail x200

And just for a change of pace I am sharing a WIP - a clay sculpture - titled "LIPS" for obvious reason.  The stands have yet to be fired. Another WIP is a group of tribal masks.  I intended to have them marching up a squarish totem pinned by nails, wire wrapped or something else.  But they would look good as wall art.

Lips 1 x200Clay masks fired x200

To finish here are two sculptures I am working on: the first is a split hemisphere inspired by Barbara Hepworth. Each hemisphere weights about 10Kg and is over 40cm high. I started it a year ago but was not satisfied with the shape or the mounting. I refined the shape and with the help of my brother I have mounted each half on a metal rod.  Now all I have to decide on surface texture and seal the surface of the limestone. 

The second sculpture is a polymer clay marquette for a largish (40cm) clay figure I have been building in the potter's workshop.  This will be the biggest clay sculpture I have done and I have had a few false starts.  

Split sphere wip x200 Split sphere wip closeup x200Figure Hair wash front pc x200Figure Hair wash back pc x200