New in February 2019

We are still on "holiday" from our markets.  I took the opportunity to make a few pinched petal necklaces to enter into a local fair and won third prize. The judges were excited about the colours but the pieces that won first and third prizes were superbly executed and deserved their placing. I also entered three of my clay sculptural pieces and won a first (the hand) and third prize (the waxed clay figure).  I will also post a few images of my recent sculpture including two in progress. Expect to see more as I have enrolled in a course this term at the Newcastle Potter's Studio.

 The pinched petal necklaces

Pinch petal necklace multi spiral x200Pinch petal necklace red white black x200Pinch petal necklace red black square x200

Here are the clay sculpture entries.

Clay hand 1a x200Figure waxed clay yoga pose x200Stretching paper clay figure x200

Here are some of my explorations into sculpture. The first is a portrait, the second a 4 faced figure in limestone with polymer scales and the last is the rough of another 4 faced sculpture in clay - the faces will be the 4 primary emotions.

Pot face rough x200Sculpture limestone tribal revised x200Sculpture clay tribal rough x 200

And here are 2 candle holders. The second sculpted piece has 5 niches and each niche contains a mystical/mythical figure. The base is limestone and the figures polymer clay. Both sculptures need finishing. 

Candle sculpture LED lattice lit x200candle holder 5 niche x200candle holder 3 headed man niche x200candle holder bum man niche x200candle holder egyptian man niche x200candle holder sea monster niche x200candle holder winged head niche x200