New in December 2018

Our Last market of the year was cancelled due to flooded grounds and wet weather. So disappointing! I thought I would share a few of the new items I had created for this event. The pinched petal is one of my customer's favourite and I noticed I did not have a single black and white necklace left in stock. (It sold the first time I showed to a visitor!)  The aysmmetric cone necklace is a prototype. I have very happy with this sample and will contemplate how to attach the cones to basic necklace -I had enough problems working out a template for the cones - not straightforward.  The colour is an acylic pour of blue, pink, gold on white with a black swipe. The skin in adhered to polymer clay.

The last two photographs are wine charms - there are polymer clay swirls and image transfers into resin. This method of image transfer has a significant failure rate and usually the singles become pendants but now I have another application - wine charms. 

Pinch petal necklace bw x200Asymmetric cone necklace detail x200asymmetric cone necklace x200wine charms swirls x200wine charms x200