New in November 2018

November is when Yvonne and I have our best markets so we focus on making some interesting small items for gifts for Xmas - wine charms for instance as well as lots of Xmas earrings. What makes manning our stall interesting is that we never know who will be visiting the market - it is a tourist destination - people may be visiting the wineries, hot air ballooning or just getting away for a weekend. While we have had the usual interest in the Xmas earrings my large asymmetric hollow beaded DISPLAY necklaces have had a lot of interest and many have sold. Here are some of those I made this month.

The last image is a large hollow tube necklace - the beads act as hinges and the necklace flows in spite of its size.

asymmetric hollow bead necklace green panels x200asymmetric hollow bead necklace orange with stripe panels x200Asymmetric large necklace rainbow 200xAsymmetric hollow bead necklace wash x200giant tube bead necklace indigo and white x 200