New in May

I have enjoyed developing veneers for the range of asymmetric necklaces I was designing for Terre Sauvage in Belves, France. The inspiration came from a book by Emma Brennan, "Making Vintage Jewellery". Of course back in the early 1900s polymers were only just emerging into the jewellery world : luctite and bakelite. I liked the idea because my latest designs are BIG and I have observed that the English or French girls coming into the shop were petite - at least compared to me. The necklaces are choker length with the asymmetry giving a lot of interest. They lie flat suiting modern clothing.
.Asymmetric French 1 x200Asymmetric French 4 x200Asymmetric French 13 x200
Of course, once I got going I did a range of pendants.  Here is a selection. 
 Fr pendant 1 x200Fr pendant 2 x200Fr pendant 3 x200Fr pendant 4 x200Fr pendant 6 x200Fr pendant 7 x200