New in March 

The limestone rough of my maquette is ready. I am now carving it out of a 600 mm limestone block. This maquette was about learning about the tools and handling the material. It is remarkably like carving in Hebel but with some significant differences.
Limestone maquette front 200Limestone maquette back 200Limestone hemisphere small x200
There is a nice play of shadows within the white stone. I was prompted to explore this shape by some of Barbara Hepworth's work. (The shape improved a little during removing the distracting background!).
I am excited about the potential to design sculptures in stone or clay including surfaces or inlays of polymer clay. As some artists have included glazes to contrast the stone or wood I want to use polymer clay. During my researching for my sculpture inspiration I was also struck by the knowledge that I have enough skills to design scultural "plinths" for my figurines. 
I have completed my second limestone sculpture - a prototype yin-yang design with an 'embroidered' or 'enamelled' ribbon, wound round the clean smooth river-stone contours. Maybe, rather than Asian, look at it through Celtic influences, bringing up to the subconscious pathways in time and pathways in landscapes.
I have a lot to learn but am rather pleased with the result.
Yin yang front x200Yin yang side x200Yin yang three quarter x200

I have been enjoying the "whole" body experience of sculpturing larger pieces so I decided that I was going to make my big beads mini sculptures. These are my first attempts. As neckpieces they are delightful but the results lack sculptural integrity. I want to achieve a sculpture that just happens to be wearable. The bursting beads remind me of an adventure in one of the Narnia books, where, down in the underworld kingdoms living gemstones exist - 'not the dead stones you find near the surface, but rubies growing that you can pluck and squeeze yourself a cupful of juice'. Fun and fantasy!

asymmetric choker gold x200.Art beads grey detail x200Art beads grey with balls x200