New in Febuary 2018

I was enjoying the hollow bead asymmetric neck pieces but realised we are not always in the mood for such large pieces so I made a couple of prototypes of a more "delicate" design. Both the cluster lariat and the choker are inspired by vintage pieces. I think they show potential and I hope to make some more soon. (I will also try to improve the lighting when I take the photos- the "pod" in the choker design is full of broken stripes in earth colours and the large hollow bead asymmetric neck piece is full of rich reds and golds)


asymmetriclariat green cluster 200asymmetric light seed 200asymmetric large red and gold rich 200

I am experimenting with different strings for multi stranded neck pieces. I want some more natural products for those who don't want the black tubing (rubber, plastic, silicon? Who knows?). Here is a prototype using waxed cotton cord. The beads are to give the cord "weight" and I have tried a different pattern on each side.  I will next try rolled leather and maybe translucent beads on the stringing cord. This left over "hippy" prototype I will colour with alcohol inks to achieve a variegated effect. it would be nice to try some braided leather for the large hollow bead asymmetric necklace....

asymmetric string and wood detail 200asymmetric string and wood 200