New in january 2018

I wanted to explore the hollow bead asymmetric neck pieces a little more. Here are 3 variations. The organic textured version with connecting trumpets or cone beads did not suit the asymmetric stringing and has become, instead, a soft but large necklace. The red and grey neck piece is subtle but the silver and russet mica glow when the light catches them. I was inspired by a neckpiece I saw at Maryvonne Millon's market stall in Cap d'Adge in 2017.  Maryvonne uses glossy smaller ceramic beads and metal washers strung on steel cable enclosed in clear tubing.

Russet silver assymetric neckpiece 200xGrey red assymetric neckpiece 200xgreen bronze hollow bead necklace 200x

A friend suggested I use graduated pinched petals instead of hollow beads. The colours form a subtle gradient from fuchsia to cyan and the petal size also decreases along the length. I have made the sides different lengths so the petals trail up the neckline. Each strand can lie separately or be snaked around its partner. 
Assymetric pinched petal 1 200xAssymetric pinched petal 4 200x