New in October 2017

I came back from Europe with a need to accomplish 4 things: One was to make some "display" pieces to attract the eye of potential customers: Two was to design a "new" standard" necklace. Three was to integrate beading into the braids. Four was to create some more figurines - All eleven I took over to France sold as a single installation.

Display pieces

These are all very large necklaces and hae already attracted a lot of attention at my market stall. The second piece, made of hollow beads sold the first day it was displayed. The first piece inspired a commission - "similar colours and shapes in the assymetric style, please."

Oct17 Display Redblack x160Oct17 Hollow beads1 x160Oct17 Display monotone rocks x160Oct17 Display monotone discs x160


My new "Standard" necklace design

I forgot to photograph the first few I made and they sold as soon as they hit the stall.  But these are also nice. The necklace has a centre focal area of 7 to 11 cm of feature beads connected to braid or thick rubber "statement" string. In general the feature beads hang lower than more traditional neckpieces.

Oct17 braid beads5 x160Oct17 braid beads 3 x160Oct17 Braid beads x160Oct17 Braid beads 2 x160


Cluster beads

I spent a long time making 8 braided round cord incorporating beads in many patterns.  However, in the end I designed an 12 bead "cluster" strung on stretch stringing.  These can be hung on braid, normal chains (although Omego chain looks best) or combined in groups.  Here I show single colours or a graduated blend of bead from burgandy to yellow. In fact variations look stunning and I had a young girl thrilled with a grey, pink and white cluster - some plains and some patterns.  

Oct17 Cluster multiple x160Oct17 cluster 1 x160Oct17 cluster 2 x160




I was entralled by some dance routines found on YouTube.  Many of will may recognise these poses.

Oct17 dancers 2 x160Oct17 dancers 1 x160Oct17 dancers 2a x160

I have been accepting commissions for figurines but will not be taking pieces to the markets as they are difficult to pack.  Instead I will look at completing installations and approaching galleries.