New in May 2017

I moved house in early May and, in preparation for the annual migration to Europe I focussed on a range of jewelry for Terre Sauvage in Belves, France. As the shop features a lot of sculptures and decor items from artisans in Zimbawee I wanted to evoke a synergy between the works on display. I had just designed a few canes - not all of the them met my brief - when the owner of Terre Sauvage raved about how successful the monotone pieces I had made in 2016 were proving to be in the opening of the 2017 season. As a result I produced a few canes in black/white monotone.


Pinched petal green tribal stripes 200x160Red and black stain glass pinched petal 200x160Bead necklace in tribal green swirls black 200x160Faux bronze necklace 200x160

The monotone examples ranged from greys to stark black and white.

Monotone long pinched petal necklace 200x160Pinched Petal black white zipper foot spiral 200x160