New in March 2017

I have been working on a display case for resin pieces. I have chosen two colour schemes: one is a soft pastel abstract leaf and the pieces featuring this image go into the base. The other is a striking purple with lime green line work and the pieces featuring this image are attached to the lid.

The examples I am showing below are all images which have been trapped between layers of resin but I will be including cast pieces in my display case as well. I have selected the more unusual shapes to show you but my examples include many earrings in geometric and organic shapes. Some pieces I applied a third layer of resin over the white so that when the back showed it complimented the image. On other pieces, particular when I didn't want to add thickness as in the case of the twisted shapes, I used alcohol inks to create an abstract colour background.

The collar was a little underwhelming until I added the sead pearls on chains.  It was snapped up within minutes of it being set up on display - whereas without the added detail it had not gotten more than a glance. There is a lesson to be learnt there!  Maybe the twisted resin necklace would benefit from some dangles like its original in polymer clay that also sold very quickly to a customer who liked the unusual.

Resin collar 2 x200Resin twisted pendant in pastel leaf 200x160Twisted resin necklace pastel leaf 200x160Twisted resin pendant in purple green 200x160Resin folded pendant pastel leaf 200x160Resin earring dangles in pastel leaf large 200x160