New in April 2017

I have finished lots of fun twisted resin shapes ready to show my local galleries but I sell pieces before they I go on the road and before I have photographed them.  

However, I have remembered to photo some commissioned pieces.  My figurines have caught the imagination of some viewers at my market stall. One father wanted a footballer for his daughter. After discussion we agreed that the footballer should hange from his daughter's car's rear vision mirror, His daughter has since received her father's gift and enjoys most of all the uniqueness.  My next commission was for some figurines in sprint kayaks - all done in Australian Olympian colours. Initally I thought nothing of it until I realised I had to model the kayaks as well!  My first kayak was too wide and the finished kayaks rely on optical illusion to increase their length.

Footballer 1 200x160kayaks glossed 005 119x160kayaks glossed 002 121x160kayaks glossed 003 240x160kayak glossed wide 132x160