New November 2016

For the last few months I have been focussing on Collectible gift figurines. One line features "Action" Figurines which showcase figurines in motion - pole dancing, climbing, surfing and yoga (zero movement!). !F1116002b 200x160F1116001 200x160F1116003 200x160F1116004b 200x160F1116005 200x160F1116006 200x160F1116007 200x160F1116008 200x160F1116009 200x160F1116009 200x160F1116010 200x160

Another line features "Antique" figurines which (usually) showcase figurines treated with metal coatings and then aged with patinas (real oxides). I took some figurines I had modelled a few months ago and coated them with metal. I then applied patinas. They are more successful in this finish than plain black. Most of the pieces have loops on the back and can be pinned on a scarf, jacket, curtain or rope (for hanging on a wall or from a rod). The pair of haut relief figurines will work best as fridge magnets or mounted flat against a wall panel.

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