New in July 2016

July was a busy month for StudioKY. First I attended an interesting conference run by the International Polymer Clay Association in Bordeaux, France. The focus was polymer clay used in art, whether its use was incidental or the focus.  Some of us displayed our work during the conference. My display was "Celebrating the human figure and the Australian landscape". Examples of the figurine brooches are shown in the blog entry "Life Modelling" but an example of a landscape brooch with some details from other brooches are below the photos of the display.

 IPCA display 1 200x160IPCA display 2 200x160IPCA display 3 200x160IPCA display 4 200x 160

Landscape brooch 160x200Landscape detail 200x200 20160521 113959Landscape detail 200x200 20160521 113919Landscape detail 200x200 20160521 114117

I next visited my friend Ondine, owner of Terre Sauvage in Belves, France. Ondine was just opening a shopfront and asked me if I would like to leave my jewelery with her. We were very pleased with the result as we had limited materials - just what I brought with me from Bordeaux and an antique show case.

Shop window 200x160TS shop composite 200x160TS elephant 200x160TS coq. 200x160