Figures modelled from Life Drawings

Photo brooch 12 200x160Figure on bronze brooch 200x160Photo brooch 11 200x160Figure brooch 200x160 IMG 123246

These figurines make unusual brooches, pendants, knick knack, curtain tie backs or just mini sculptures. They have rubber hoops on the back that makes pinning or hanging an easy process. These are the brooches I took with me to France. I like the figures on their own but recognise that the unsupported limbs are more fragile.

Life model 001 200x160Life model 002 200x160Life model 004 200x160Life model 005 200x160These figures are sitting on shapes. They are 3-D sculptures or really "haut relief".  They can be a brooch, a pendant or a knick knack sat amongst river pebbles. They can be mounted on spikes so they sit in a pot plant, tied to a cord and used as a curtain tie back.  They are fun, always unusual and make a stunning statement piece of jewelry.