Viking knit, braids and rubber necklaces

Viking knit brass 001 200x160viking knit white 200x160 Rubber necklaces 200x160rubber braid and green pp pendant 200x160

Interchangeability of charms was to be an essential feature of the new range of neck pieces featuring European large charm beads and hanging pendants.  

Customers are encouraged to use their existing chains, cords and other stringing material. Some of my customers thread two different length chains/cords through the charms for a very happy look.

I have designed simple fittings that were strong but allowed the charms to be taken off and put back on easily (many of my customers have arthritic knuckles).

I have three types: viking knit, rubber tubing and rubber braid. I have quite a few available as I use them to display my Eusro charm beads and hanging pendants but I can make them to your requirements. For viking knit I charge about $30 or a necklace ($40 for a 60cm or longer) and $15 for bracelet size. Rubber tubes are $10 and braids are $5 less than Viking knits as they take less time. Contact us.

Viking Knit cord.

The most common is 7 mm in diameter but I have some 5 mm in brass (0.5 mm diameter wire).

Mostly the knits are made from 0.8 mm diameter metal. I use copper, brass, white or green PVC coated wire. Some cords I have left large and these form a lovely collar necklace. I have some double knits but these are usually not interchangeable.

Rubber Cord

These come in about 2 mm, and 4 mm diameter. I chose tubing so I could strengthen the necklace by using a "tiger tail" or thin metal rope insert. When using uncoated metal wire I often just fasten the fittings from the metal.

Rubber Braid

So far I have only made 6 stranded round kumihimo braidsThese come in about 3 to 4 mm, and 6 to 7 mm diameter.


  • Small (about 38 cm), s
  • Standard (about 46 cm),
  • Long (about 52 cm) and
  • Extra long (about 60 cm) lengths. 
  • Bracelet: small
  • Bracelet: large