New in April 2021

Early in April I published on a Facebook group a brooch I had made from soft drink bottles. The response was very gratifying and I received a commission soon after. I was inspired to improved the techniques I used to join all the pieces together and now have a solution I am happy with and can be developed further. These are the brooches: the latest first.

Brooch PET mothers day purple x200Brooch PET mothers day yellow x200Brooch PET mothers day blue x200PET flower brooch yellow sided x200PET flower brooch orange x200PET brooch abstract x200Brooch PET on white x200Flower PET MKT Nov20 x200

 A few sculptures out of the kiln.

Tiepolo black 1 x200Tiepolo black 2 x200Abstract figure rutile April21 x200figures on log coloured 1 x200figures on log coloured 3 x200figures on log coloured 4 x200

 And a few simple but colourful earrings. Quilling in polymer clay. Most of these sold on their first market stall. 

Earrings strips PC 1 x200Earrings strips PC 2 x200