New in June 2019

May is always busy with finalising pieces I will be taking over to my friend Ondine in June for her shop Terre Sauvage in Belves, France. Ondine spent a lot of time and energy last year getting together a global collection named ZIMWABI -SABI. Wabi sabi is a blend of two concepts: wabi is about living in tune with nature and it’s focused on the art of simplicity. Sabi is about beauty and natural cycles of growth and death. When combined, wabi and sabi unite to create a feeling of serenity and harmony. The original design concept came from supplied much of the organizing muscle.  The first image is of the material which underlines the collection. The second some of the collection and the remainder the pieces that can be worn with the collection.

 crackle models 1 x 200Crackle material x200crackle pendant composite 1 x200crackle pendant composite 2 x200crackle pendant composite 3 x200crackle pendant composite 4 x200crackle bowl composite 1 x200

I could not resist earrings and a little bit of colour crept in - to match a neck piece, of course but really because I love the combination.

crackle earring composite 1 x200crackle earring composite 2 x200