Customers are encouraged to use their existing chains, cords and other stringing material. Some of my customers thread two different length chains/cords through the charms for a very happy look.

I have designed simple fittings that were strong but allowed the charms to be taken off and put back on easily (many of my customers have arthritic knuckles).

I have three types: viking knit, rubber tubing and rubber braid. I have quite a few available as I use them to display my Eusro charm beads and hanging pendants but I can make them to your requirements. For viking knit I charge about $30 or a necklace ($40 for a 60cm or longer) and $15 for bracelet size. Rubber tubes are $10 and braids are $5 less than Viking knits as they take less time. Contact us.

Viking Knit cord.

The most common is 7 mm in diameter but I have some 5 mm in brass (0.5 mm diameter wire).

Mostly the knits are made from 0.8 mm diameter metal. I use copper, brass, white or green PVC coated wire. Some cords I have left large and these form a lovely collar necklace. I have some double knits but these are usually not interchangeable.

Rubber Cord

These come in about 2 mm, and 4 mm diameter. I chose tubing so I could strengthen the necklace by using a "tiger tail" or thin metal rope insert. When using uncoated metal wire I often just fasten the fittings from the metal.

Rubber Braid

So far I have only made 6 stranded round kumihimo braidsThese come in about 3 to 4 mm, and 6 to 7 mm diameter.


  • Small (about 38 cm), s
  • Standard (about 46 cm),
  • Long (about 52 cm) and
  • Extra long (about 60 cm) lengths. 
  • Bracelet: small
  • Bracelet: large