What's new

New in July 2021

My largest ceramic sculpture, "The Wave" got accepted into the Sculpture on the Farm and will be on exhibition from 1 October to 10 October 2021. It will be displayed at the new "Gallery on Dowling" at 120 Dowling St Dungog. More information when the exhibition is closer.

wave 1 x200wave composite x200

Our markets have had a bit of bad luck with gale force winds (or that is what it seemed like), rain or COVID lockdowns causing cancellations. I have taken the opportunity to re-string some pinched petal necklaces. I have found that customers find that necklaces using the petals as beads are more compatible with today's fashions. It isn't as straigtforward as it sounds as the colour blending is critical and the shape of the new bead that separates the petals has to work with the petal shapes. I did about 8 necklaces: here are a few examples using the same petals with different colors and shapes.  I found short barrel beads were my favourite and they became basis of a series of winter chockers. The chokers are low key but still bring a bit of color into a drab winter outfit while sitting softly on the neckline. I made some to go with 2021 winter colour trends but others I just played with colour gradations. I am wearing one day and night at the moment.

Necklace Pinched petal 6 x200 Necklace Pinched petal 7 x200Necklace choker orange grad 5 x200Necklace choker green grad 4 x200Necklace choker 6 x200

Also for the market, I played with a few new shapes for soft drink bottle earrings.I think I had blue on the brain! They are interesting but I think a geometric shape with an intricate pattern of holes is my favourite.

Earring bue fold PET x200Earrings blue PET S bend x200Earring blue PET 1 x200Earrings red PET 5 petal x200

During July, I exhibited 2 sculptures at the Hunter Wetlands Centre in Shortland, NSW (Newcastle). The theme was "Unfurl - sculpture and ink in the Wetlands" and was a collaboration between The Hunter Sculptors and the Newcastle Printmakers . My entries featured the drosera spathulata, a carnivorous plant that lives in the wetlands. The plant, at twice life size is held in a ceramic hand. The other ceramic sculpture features 5 enlarged fronds of the sun dew which sold to a local artist during "set up". I had to make 400 beads for the "dew" spots! Both sculptures are about 35cm in their largest dimension. 

Fronds 2 x200Hand with sundew x200

At the same time, in July, my sculptures, "The Gossips" and "Four face totem" were on show at 'NOT EVERYONE LIKES PRETTY WATERCOLOUR FLOWERS', a Group Exhibition at The Hunter Artisan Gallery & Cafe 48 Melbourne St East, Maitland. The gallery is open 9-3 on Thursdays to Sundays.A really nice spot to have a light lunch and view the latest exhibition. Nikki, the owner, is passionate about giving new or local artists a chance to show their work.

Gossip layout x200Ceramic 4face Totem x200

New in June 2021

One of more challenging sculptures was what I call my "Yin Yang" vase but I get told not to use the term as it is not the classic Yin Yang shape. I ended calling it "From Duality to Oneness" : The circle as the symbol for nothing is divided by "1" to make 2. The duality is expressed in the contrast between the harshness of ceramic with the softness of the shape, while the positive and negative spaces compete for attention.  Can I laugh at myself!? Seriously, it is ceramic stoneware fired to 1280 C all in one piece. It is surface treated with bronze in acyrlic resin and stands just under 600mm high.  Viewers universally say "WOW" when they see it but don't always like it.

Duality 1 x200Duality 2 x200Duality 3 x200

Until 23rd July, I am exhibiting 2 sculptures at the Hunter Wetlands Centre in Shortland, NSW (Newcastle). The theme is "Unfurl - sculpture and ink in the Wetlands" and is a collaboration between The Hunter Sculptors and the Newcastle Printmakers . My entries feature the drosera spathulata, a carnivorous plant that lives in the wetlands. The plant, at twice life size is held in a ceramic hand. The other ceramic sculpture features 5 enlarged fronds of the sun dew which sold during "set up". I had to make 400 beads for the "dew" spots! Both sculptures are about 35cm in their largest dimension. 

Fronds 2 x200Hand with sundew x200

My sculptures, "The Gossips: and "Four face totem" are still showing at 'NOT EVERYONE LIKES PRETTY WATERCOLOUR FLOWERS', a Group Exhibition at The Hunter Artisan Gallery & Cafe 48 Melbourne St East, Maitland. The exhibition finishes on 18th July (Masks and QR check-in are mandatory). The gallery is opne 9-3 on Thursdays to Sundays.

Gossip layout x200Ceramic 4face Totem x200

I took the opportunity of the end-of-year-sales and purchased a banner for the stall.  Looks good.

Studioky banner stall fullsize x200

New in May 2021

I was very busy this month as many of the sculpture exhibitions close their entires in  early to mid June. As I was planning ceramic sculptures they needed to out of the kiln and finished by end May.

In early June is the Dobell Arts and Crafts Festival  - 4 , 5th and 6th June.  My entry, "4 kids on a log" won first prize in the ceramics section. It was the only one I put up for judging!

From 26th June to 23 July, I will be exhibiting 2 sculptures at the Hunter Wetlands Centre in Shortland, NSW (Newcastle). The theme is "Unfurl - sculpture and ink in the Wetlands" and is a collaboration between The Hunter Sculptors and the Newcaster Printmakers . My entries feature the drosera spathulata, a carnivorous plant that lives in the wetlands. The plant, at twice life size is held in a ceramic hand. The other ceramic sculpture features 5 enlarged fronds of the sun dew. I had to make 400 beads for the "dew" spots! Both sculptures are about 35cm in their largest dimension.

Fronds 1 x200Fronds 2 x200Hand with sundew x200Hand with sundew 2 x200

See June and July for the other exhibitions.

New in April 2021

Early in April I published on a Facebook group a brooch I had made from soft drink bottles. The response was very gratifying and I received a commission soon after. I was inspired to improved the techniques I used to join all the pieces together and now have a solution I am happy with and can be developed further. These are the brooches: the latest first.

Brooch PET mothers day purple x200Brooch PET mothers day yellow x200Brooch PET mothers day blue x200PET flower brooch yellow sided x200PET flower brooch orange x200PET brooch abstract x200Brooch PET on white x200Flower PET MKT Nov20 x200

 A few sculptures out of the kiln.

Tiepolo black 1 x200Tiepolo black 2 x200Abstract figure rutile April21 x200figures on log coloured 1 x200figures on log coloured 3 x200figures on log coloured 4 x200

 And a few simple but colourful earrings. Quilling in polymer clay. Most of these sold on their first market stall. 

Earrings strips PC 1 x200Earrings strips PC 2 x200


New in March 2021

We set up at Hand Made in the Hunter market at Pokolbin with a new set up and were pleased with the results. Here are a few of the images I took of the table display.

Pokolbin 2021 8 x200Pokolbin 2021 1 x200Pokolbin 2021 7 x200Pokolbin 2021 6 x200Pokolbin 2021 5 x200Pokolbin 2021 3 x200Pokolbin 2021 4 x200Pokolbin 2021 2 x200


New in February 2021

I began pottery workshops in February with a few black figurative sculptures ready for the kiln (photos later). Some of these figures were for an exhibition at Back to Back Gallery in Newcastlle which I was entering. The exhibition runs between 5th to 21st March and is themed, " Balck, White and a touch of Red". Artists from the Hunter are exhibiting in a variety of media - ceramics dominating.

Please visit if you can!  

AND here are my ceramic sculptures. The first images show a 3 piece sculpture :God creating Adam" and the other two are pinched figures supporting bowls with an insert of synthetic clay.

god creating adam 1 x200 x72bpigod creating adam 3 x200 x72bpigod creating adam 4 x200 x72bpiblack pinched figure with bowl 1 x200black pinched figure with bowl 2 x200



New in December 2020

I have been convalescing after a routine but major surgery.  It suits my regime to have tasks that require focus but not too much activity. So I made a twisting, swirling statement necklace in black to pearl. It is dramatic and sits happily as a sculpture when not being worn. While this type of necklace is made for exhibitions or as an "attention grabber" in my market stall I have been surprised how often they sell!

wave black pearl necklace 6 x200wave black pearl necklace 5 x200wave black pearl necklace 3 x200wave black pearl necklace 1 x200

 I wondered if I could "tame" the twist and at the same time I found my self wearing a top that had too much cream near my face. The challenge was on. My colour blending was successful but the finished necklace, while smaller is still a little extravagent - the twist sits out from the bodice but it may "relax" over time so I don't know if to re-sting it now or wait. I want a necklace that will be worn more than once a year.

 necklace brown 7 x200necklace brown 6 x200necklace brown 1 x200

 One of the maddening things I find about clay sculpture is that it is sometimes too long between having the mud between your fingers and the finished piece. (I do not own a kiln) These two greenware roughs were done early December and it will be March 2021 before I see them fired. They are prototypes for figures that will be sandwiched between two pillars/shapes - I don't know yet whether the pillars should be textured clay or burnt wood and probably won't until I see the fired figures. The clay is black midfired stoneware- certain features of the figures are exaggerated for emphasis. 

black squashed figure 5 x200black squashed figure 4 x200black squashed figure 2 x200black squashed figure 3 x200


New in November 2020

On our market stall, our sustainable range of homewares and jewelry using discarded soft drink bottles attracts a lot of attention but sales are usually earrings and the occasional bracelet. I wanted to introduce "display" pieces or attention grabbers but needed a new idea. Seeing I had just made a range of resin xmas earrings it occurred to me that xmas ornaments would be worth trying and I started on a series of experiments . Now I want to produce Sun Catchers!


 xmas ball segmented 1b x200xmas ball segmented red 1 x200xmas ball snail flat green 2 x200xmas ball snail green 3 x200xmas ball strips green 2 x200xmas snowflake large x200xmas snowflake small x200xmas tree ornament x200xmas snowflakes hung 2 x200

 At my weekly pottery workshop I needed some less focused pieces to work on after completing my large "wave" ceramic sculpture: I love molding figures so it was an obvious place to start. I would like to achieve a finished style but with the spontaneity of a "pinched pot". I love the black clay with its waxed finish but it is a midfire clay and I have to wait until we have a kiln load ready for firing.

black 3 nov20 x200black 2 nov20 x200black 1 nov20 x200folded hands 1 x200crossed andle pair x200

I was impressed by how fast my little succulent pots sold inspite of being too small for succulents seedling pots and lacking drainage. So I bought a succulent seedling and made some pots to suit - I engraved one side with heads (inspired by sketches by Da Vinci) and the other sides I stamped with a Bali wooden block design.  Three pots, engraved with women heads sold before the market opened. The triangular shape works individually, a group of 3 or the full circle of 6.


planter hexagon bald head x200planter hexagon bowed female head x200planter hexagon headband head x200planter hexagon side x200planter hexagon x200


New in October 2020

I haven't posted much later but I have been busy.  It seems that a lot of sculpture exhbititions needed entries completed by end September and early October.  My "lips" ceramic sculpture was a finalist in the Newcasle  Emerging Artist exhibition and Lake Macquarie's Waste to Art Exhibition is now on and is displaying 8 pieces of mine. Here are some of the items: I work with discarded bike inner tubes and soft drink bottles.

PET vase 1 x200PETvase 3 x200PET red snail detail necklace on black x200PET red snail necklace on black x200tube shell with silver necklace on red x200

Here are some images of my latest ceramic sculpture, the "water line", or "wave" as I refer to it in the studio. It is some 3 metres in length and designed to drape.

wave composite x200wave 1 x200Wave 2 x200


On the jewelry front I have been playing with 3-D earrings again.  Not many images yet but here are two. These earrings are fun to wear and I like that they are away from the face. Left and right earring must be twisted in opposite direction. You do not want to know how many times I get it wrong before I get it right! I am currently using bicone beads in plain colours.

Earring 3d 1 x200Earring 3d 2 x200

At my regular pottery workshop we experimented with ceramic jewelry using real gold to highlight.

ceramic Hair slide 1A x200ceramic pendant round 1 x200ceramic pendant round 2 x200ceramic pendant round 3 x200ceramic pendant shaped 1 x200ceramic pendant white filigree 1 x200

On my market stall I have recently added some succulent triangular ceramic pots. They sold within the hour:  I have some more coming out of the kiln next week BUT I made them larger on advise of the succent plant stall holder. They are impressive but I think they will be too big for my customers on the stall. I am now selling one or two small sculptures each market day which is very rewarding.

Planter tri 1 x200Planter tri 2 x200Planter tri 3 x200




New in August 2020

Here is an update of some of my recent work.

The first is a double walled bowl - the bowl and the Matisse dancer's are stoneware and the Matisse "cut outs" are synthetic clay. Matisse bowl 1 x200Matisse bowl 2 x200Matisse bowl 3 x200Matisse bowl 5 x200Matisse bowl 6 x200Matisse bowl 7 x200Matisse bowl 7 x200Matisse bowl 9 x200

This lot are ceramic figures standing about 12 - 17 cm tall.  Although my figures are recognisable as inspired by stone sculptures I have seen they incorporate numerous variations. My figure work tends to be realistic and I am trying to develop an unique style. By making these sculptures I am progressing towards this.

clay abstract 4 x200Clay stylized red figure 1 x200Clay stylized red figure 2 x200Clay stylized red figure 3 x200

In my studio I am forever creating art jewelry and homewares for my market stall but I rarely photograph them as they go straight into the market stall. Here are few recent shaped earrings and a mobile phone stand. The stand sold at its first market display.

Earring shape blue silver 1 x200Earring shape blue silver 2 x200Earring shape green yellow x200mobile phone stand blue back x200mobile phone stand blue x200



New in May 2020

Still battling the absence of deadlines but I have finally finished the Matisse's figures. They are finished with a brass powder in a resin base and sit on an electronic turntable. As the turntable moves, the figures frolic.  Fun! 

brass turntable dancers x200

Compositional works have always interested me but I felt earrings were too small a platform on which to sucessfully showcase them.  Here are a few recent examples that show it can work.

 earrings composed 1 x200earrings composed 2 x200earrings composed 3 x200

I have taken out of storage many pieces that required too much time to finish before the next market. They were promptly forgotten after the market as I went on to try something "new". Some of the very successfull earrings are transparent or transluscent - there were a lot of interest as the earring changes appearance as the wearer moves due to the light behind the earring changing. But you had to get a customer to look at them first and the only way to do that was to wear some. They are different sizes but the findings give a scale.

Earring transparent 1 x200earrings transparent 2 x200earrings transparent 3 x200earrings transparent 4 x200earrings transparent 5 x200Earring transparent 8 x200


New in April 2020

Hoping to keep busy although without deadlines it is much harder.

I have, hopefully taken part in a number of on-line events but with the shop still closed I have limited items to display. I have created a Price Guide with illlustrations of the type of item would come under that pricing. Hope this helps! Commissions are always welcome and payment is not due until item is completed and you are happy with the image (or pick up). A quick decision is appreciated.

Just as social isolation came in my stoneware sculpture The dancers (Matisse) came out of the kiln.  They are a "trial" for a free standing sculpture.  When I fixed one of the figures to the backing sheet I accidently transposed two of the figures. The reponse was such that I should treat it as a "happy accident" and so I have left it as is. Some of the detail is rough as I tried to work on very dry clay - lesson learnt!  

I thought I would try it in polymer clay and was pleased that the year of sculpture has resulted in improvements.  This is a WIP - obviously. The inner support is a soft drink bottle which I have attacked with a soldering iron. 

The Dancers ceramic x200The dancers polymer wip x200


New in March 2020

My local arts and craft festival, The Dobell Arts & Craft Festival, was cancelled due to the need to socially isolate during the pandemic but I finished the four pieces from which I was going to select two to enter into the jewelry category.  Three of these have a structure that owes a lot to a UK artist, Carol Blackburn.  Carol adapted earlier designs to polymer clay. Her work is exquisite and while the colours attract I find her exploration of structure challenging and inspirational. 

acrobat necklace 1 x200acrobat necklace detail x200interlocking circle necklace x200interlocking circle necklace detail x200Blue wave 1 x 200Blue wave detail x 200Green shell necklace 1 x200


New in February 2020

Lots has been happening in my studio but not a lot to show for it. Was pleased to have won a first, second (jewelery) and third prize (pottery) at the Morisset 2020 Show. A couple of highly commended (recycled section) were also welcomed. A great little show!

But here are some greenware figure vases. When fired the pinky colour will be a deep dusty red, the yellow a light  blue green, the grey, black. There is a slightly darker blue in there as well and the unglazed stoneware will be a grey hue with flecks. I am playing with my first attempt at sgraffito or "scratching" back through underglazes to another colour or the raw clay. We will see what techniques are worth further experimenting after they are fired.

Mycean vases v2 composite x200Mycean vases v2 5 x200Mycean vases v2 6 x200Mycean vases v2 4 x200Mycean vases v2 3 x200Mycean vases v2 1 x200

The firing was a little disappointing but a selection of  the figures look good on my mantle.

figurine vases 2 on mantle x200


New in January 2020

With January and most of February free of markets I take the opportunity to "play". I am going to share some of the prototypes I am working on for a sustainable homewares and jewelry range. 

I will be focussing on using waste plastic and discarded bike inner tubes but this post is about plastic.

Vessels:  I see these being used to hold pens and pencil, flowers (where the base is watertight)

PET pyro vase 1 x200PET pyro vase 1d x200PET pyro vase 1c x200PET pyro vase 1b x200

Earrings.  Some shapes are organic and free formed while some based on a more structured decoration.  These earrings are light - both physically and visually:  the light flows through them. I wear an organic smokey pair and it is like wearing a shadow. I am still working on the finish.

PET earrings teardrop organic red orange x200PET earring 2 x200PET earring 2c x200PET earring 3 x200PET earring 3b x200PET earring 4b x200PET earring 5b x200 PET earring 7 x200PET earring 6 x200

New in December 2019

Our last 2 markets were cancelled due to bushfire smoke and gale force winds respectively. Very disappointing particularly after we had wanted to show off our developing range of homewares. On the other hand it gave me time to make Christmas presents. I covered vessels for aromatic sticks, mobile phone stands, bowls and much more.  Even more exciting, my pottery workshop closed for the year and I had the challenge of mounting my creations.

 Here are the "mask" totem.  It is about 60cm tall and still has to have the charcoal (literally!) sealed.

Totem masks 1 x200Totem masks 1b x200Totem masks 1c x200Totem masks 1 detail x200

The Mycenaean figures/vases (much of the detailing and shape owe a lot to sculptor Theodore Papagiannis).  This series is evolving and the next batch is now roughed out:  the technique of how the detailing is achieved will be totally different.  These figures are quite small but have a large presence which I have not captured in the images.

Mycean figure vases 1 x200Mycean figure vases 1b x200Mycean figure vases 2 x200Mycean figure vases 2b x200

The "LIPS" have been mounted above their plinths (noses) but I am not satisfied with the resulting display. Two approaches I am considering: create a black "puddle" which would serve the purpose of uniting the pieces and decreasing the impact of the small black plinth or mount the lips in or above a wood bar without the noses. The noses are sculptures in the own right and could stand alone with some additional element(s) where the dowel now protrudes. Here are two lips groupings: the first image is "The gossips" and the second image is "Two's company - three's a crowd" 

lips 2 gossips x200lips 3 is a crowd x200


New in October 2019

We have recently joined a new market "Handgrown & Handmade" which will be holding regular markets on the 4th Sunday of each month in 2020 at Speers Point Park on Lake Macquarie. The inaugural market was held on 27th October. It was a sunny, calm day and the market stall mix was well curated and the attendance excellent. This regular market will be augmented over the next few months by some special Xmas twilight markets.

We sell homewares, sculpture and accessories at this market.  

Homegrown composite x200Homegrown stall 4 x200Homegrown stall 2 x200homegrown stall 1 x200

The focus of this market is on operating eco-consciously - reducing the market's environmental impact.  "Homegrown & Handmade" is run by team, Lauren & Lewis who run THE STATION Homegrown market in Newcastle. Remember: this is a SUNDAY market, open from 10am until 2pm.

Yvonne and I have always included a few homewares in our display along with some small sculptures.  The last few weeks have been spent prototyping vases and other small bowls to expand our range. Sometimes we cover existing glass or ceramic forms and other times we build our own forms. The highly decorative pieces are mostly small -bud vases designed for a single or few stems - and trinket bowls. The large sculptures are clay or limestone. For Xmas we have focussed on bowls and charms - the charms can be pendants, earrings, wine charms, keyring, purse charms etc.  Here are some of the items Kay has made for this market. Yvonne will get me her photos next week. ENJOY!

bowls 1 x200xmas bowls 1 x200xmas bowl shape x200xmas coasters x200vases shot x200vase shot side view x200Vase pathwork wave x200vase 1 blue orange crackle x200Vase purple crackle x200



New in September 2019

 I am trying to integrate into my local community a bit more so I rather foolishly agreed to enter Lake Macquarie's Sustainability Festival - Waste to Art. I researched possible directions and returned home from Europe inspired. Unfortunately, my skills and tools let me down but I did make some interesting jewelry from bike tubes and PET bottles.  I combined the "beads" with seed beads harvested from a discarded lampshade in one case, and a discarded necklace from an OP shop.  Findings were also OP shop finds.

 Bike tube disc necklace x200Bike tube disc necklace detail x200PET necklace and earring centred x200PET earrings x200Bike tube necklace and earrings x200Pinched petal 2 x200Pinched petal 2 detail x200

And just for a change of pace I am sharing a WIP - a clay sculpture - titled "LIPS" for obvious reason.  The stands have yet to be fired. Another WIP is a group of tribal masks.  I intended to have them marching up a squarish totem pinned by nails, wire wrapped or something else.  But they would look good as wall art.

Lips 1 x200Clay masks fired x200

To finish here are two sculptures I am working on: the first is a split hemisphere inspired by Barbara Hepworth. Each hemisphere weights about 10Kg and is over 40cm high. I started it a year ago but was not satisfied with the shape or the mounting. I refined the shape and with the help of my brother I have mounted each half on a metal rod.  Now all I have to decide on surface texture and seal the surface of the limestone. 

The second sculpture is a polymer clay marquette for a largish (40cm) clay figure I have been building in the potter's workshop.  This will be the biggest clay sculpture I have done and I have had a few false starts.  

Split sphere wip x200 Split sphere wip closeup x200Figure Hair wash front pc x200Figure Hair wash back pc x200


New in August 2019

I was inspired earlier this year by an exhibition of Pattern & Decorative Arts - "Ornament as Promise" in Mumok, Vienna. I was particularly taken with the fabric panel composites by USA artist Kim MacConnel. The first 2 images are bowls I made after I returned.

Bowl kmc pink grey large x200Bowl kmx pink grey small x200

Composing these strips of patterns I was reminded of the compositions we made in the 1970s and I made a series of large pendants that hang below the chest. Only the first pendant is finished - the others are wip. The last two pendants were made to go with striped T-shirts!

 Pendant long green x200Pendant red composite x200pendant green plus x200pendant composite purple green x200Pendant blue stripes x200pendant bW crackle with red x200

I made a couple of bowls as well and then I could not resist a little bit of brightness so I made a bowl of stripes - graduating colours from red to ocre separated by charcoal and "bits".  The result has a primitive feel - of the earth!

Bowl purple composite x200Bowl burgandy crackle x200bowl desert stripes x200

The last image I will share is a sculptural earring. It is a composite but going in a different direction.

Earring reds x200



New in June 2019

May is always busy with finalising pieces I will be taking over to my friend Ondine in June for her shop Terre Sauvage in Belves, France. Ondine spent a lot of time and energy last year getting together a global collection named ZIMWABI -SABI. Wabi sabi is a blend of two concepts: wabi is about living in tune with nature and it’s focused on the art of simplicity. Sabi is about beauty and natural cycles of growth and death. When combined, wabi and sabi unite to create a feeling of serenity and harmony. The original design concept came from an Italian fashion designer, the manufacturing expertise in handling recycled or sustainable materials came from Zimbabwean artisans and Ondine has supplied much of the organizing muscle  The first image is of the finsihsed collection, the second is the material which underlines the collection. The remaining images are the necklaces I made to wear with the collection.

 crackle models 1 x 200Crackle material x200crackle pendant composite 1 x200crackle pendant composite 2 x200crackle pendant composite 3 x200crackle pendant composite 4 x200crackle bowl composite 1 x200

I could not resist earrings and a little bit of colour crept in - to match a neck piece, of course but really because I love the combination.

crackle earring composite 1 x200crackle earring composite 2 x200



New in April 2019

Easter markets and the Dobell Arts & Craft Festival kept us busy during April.  Kay entered jewelry and sculpture into the Dobell Festival and was delighted to have won "Highly Commended" for her ceramic and a necklaced set. Lots sold too!  Only one prize per category was awarded and I saw only one "highly commended" per category so I was delighted with the result.

dobell ceramic 5.5 x200Dobell KP1 red 5.5 x200Dobell KP2 flowers 55 x200dobell KP 3 PC twist x200Dobell pendant crackle 55 x200Dobell pendant kp6 green 55 x200Dobell sculpture limestone 55 x200




New in February 2019

We are still on "holiday" from our markets.  I took the opportunity to make a few pinched petal necklaces to enter into a local fair and won third prize. The judges were excited about the colours but the pieces that won first and third prizes were superbly executed and deserved their placing. I also entered three of my clay sculptural pieces and won a first (the hand) and third prize (the waxed clay figure).  I will also post a few images of my recent sculpture including two in progress. Expect to see more as I have enrolled in a course this term at the Newcastle Potter's Studio.

 The pinched petal necklaces

Pinch petal necklace multi spiral x200Pinch petal necklace red white black x200Pinch petal necklace red black square x200

Here are the clay sculpture entries.

Clay hand 1a x200Figure waxed clay yoga pose x200Stretching paper clay figure x200

Here are some of my explorations into sculpture. The first is a portrait, the second a 4 faced figure in limestone with polymer scales and the last is the rough of another 4 faced sculpture in clay - the faces will be the 4 primary emotions.

Pot face rough x200Sculpture limestone tribal revised x200Sculpture clay tribal rough x 200

And here are 2 candle holders. The second sculpted piece has 5 niches and each niche contains a mystical/mythical figure. The base is limestone and the figures polymer clay. Both sculptures need finishing. 

Candle sculpture LED lattice lit x200candle holder 5 niche x200candle holder 3 headed man niche x200candle holder bum man niche x200candle holder egyptian man niche x200candle holder sea monster niche x200candle holder winged head niche x200



New in January 2019

We don't run our market in January and early February because of the heat. It is an opportunity to recuperate or "play" with new designs and methods.  I took the opportunity to expand my range of free-form resin jewelry. It took a while but I think I am on the right track. The first image is my new design, the others are existing designs. 

Resin necklace twisted orange skin x200Resin necklace twisted orange skin detail x2000514051 200x160Twisted resin necklace pastel leaf 200x160

I lovved the use of veneers made by fluid art either in resin or on polymer.  They are flexible so a flat resin shape can be twisted (as above), poured over a sculptural piece (green necklace below) or cut to a shape. I bought some pouring paints but my first tries ended up with the colours blending more than I liked so I added an overlay of splatters and strings. The results were interesting with a lot of depth to the colours.

 asymmetric snake green on neck 1 x200Skin blue silver x200Skin brown and gold x200coasters x200acrylic skin white on black x200

The twisted resin necklace and the snake bar in green above were two of my new necklace designs. The next two images are also new designs (new to me, I mean).  They are prototypes and both labour intensives but with experience maybe that will improve.

square and bars necklace x200necklace red black artdeco x200


New in December 2018

Our Last market of the year was cancelled due to flooded grounds and wet weather. So disappointing! I thought I would share a few of the new items I had created for this event. The pinched petal is one of my customer's favourite and I noticed I did not have a single black and white necklace left in stock. (It sold the first time I showed to a visitor!)  The aysmmetric cone necklace is a prototype. I have very happy with this sample and will contemplate how to attach the cones to basic necklace -I had enough problems working out a template for the cones - not straightforward.  The colour is an acylic pour of blue, pink, gold on white with a black swipe. The skin in adhered to polymer clay.

The last two photographs are wine charms - there are polymer clay swirls and image transfers into resin. This method of image transfer has a significant failure rate and usually the singles become pendants but now I have another application - wine charms. 

Pinch petal necklace bw x200Asymmetric cone necklace detail x200asymmetric cone necklace x200wine charms swirls x200wine charms x200


New in November 2018

November is when Yvonne and I have our best markets so we focus on making some interesting small items for gifts for Xmas - wine charms for instance as well as lots of Xmas earrings. What makes manning our stall interesting is that we never know who will be visiting the market - it is a tourist destination - people may be visiting the wineries, hot air ballooning or just getting away for a weekend. While we have had the usual interest in the Xmas earrings my large asymmetric hollow beaded DISPLAY necklaces have had a lot of interest and many have sold. Here are some of those I made this month.

The last image is a large hollow tube necklace - the beads act as hinges and the necklace flows in spite of its size.

asymmetric hollow bead necklace green panels x200asymmetric hollow bead necklace orange with stripe panels x200Asymmetric large necklace rainbow 200xAsymmetric hollow bead necklace wash x200giant tube bead necklace indigo and white x 200


New in October 2018

This month I continued with my experimentations with surface treatments. In particular I played with "crackle" techniques where the top surface is stiffer compared with the underlying material so that it cracks reletive to the underlying layers. Controlling the cracks is the challenge. This month I have also played with new pendant styles, small bowls (mainly cane work) and big earrings. More to come

 Bowl PC red flowers back 200xBowl PC yellow red 200xGreen cane bowl 200x

green crackle butterfly 200x lightswitch pendant.jpgred bowl pendant 200xred crackle segmented bracelet 200x

large earrings circle klaidescope cane 200xlarge earrings mixed stripes disc 200xLarge earrings red flower with leaves 200x


New in August 2018

As always the first month after I return from holidays my creativity is not focussed.

First we have some limestone sculptures that were begging for embellishment. They are tea candle holders and I have gained a lot of knowledge finishing them.

 20180814 090728 ed 200xcandle sculpture red bands 200xBowl limestone with red black band 200xCandlestick duo blue

Next came some experimentations in surface treatments. I tried some fluid art experiments using acyrlic paints and conditioning medium. There are many ways of achieving different effects but I have at least started! The second surface treatment is alcohol inks on foil.  It produced some good results very quickly and I was delighted that the surface held an application of doming resin. The challenge will be to produce results that look different and to protect the edges. 

 pendant skin 1 200xcircle 5 large alcohol foil 200xpendant alcohol foil 2 200xskin asymmetric pendant 1 200xcrackle pendants asymmetric 200x

New in May

I have enjoyed developing veneers for the range of asymmetric necklaces I was designing for Terre Sauvage in Belves, France. The inspiration came from a book by Emma Brennan, "Making Vintage Jewellery". Of course back in the early 1900s polymers were only just emerging into the jewellery world : luctite and bakelite. I liked the idea because my latest designs are BIG and I have observed that the English or French girls coming into the shop were petite - at least compared to me. The necklaces are choker length with the asymmetry giving a lot of interest. They lie flat suiting modern clothing.
.Asymmetric French 1 x200Asymmetric French 4 x200Asymmetric French 13 x200
Of course, once I got going I did a range of pendants.  Here is a selection. 
 Fr pendant 1 x200Fr pendant 2 x200Fr pendant 3 x200Fr pendant 4 x200Fr pendant 6 x200Fr pendant 7 x200

New in March 

The limestone rough of my maquette is ready. I am now carving it out of a 600 mm limestone block. This maquette was about learning about the tools and handling the material. It is remarkably like carving in Hebel but with some significant differences.
Limestone maquette front 200Limestone maquette back 200Limestone hemisphere small x200
There is a nice play of shadows within the white stone. I was prompted to explore this shape by some of Barbara Hepworth's work. (The shape improved a little during removing the distracting background!).
I am excited about the potential to design sculptures in stone or clay including surfaces or inlays of polymer clay. As some artists have included glazes to contrast the stone or wood I want to use polymer clay. During my researching for my sculpture inspiration I was also struck by the knowledge that I have enough skills to design scultural "plinths" for my figurines. 
I have completed my second limestone sculpture - a prototype yin-yang design with an 'embroidered' or 'enamelled' ribbon, wound round the clean smooth river-stone contours. Maybe, rather than Asian, look at it through Celtic influences, bringing up to the subconscious pathways in time and pathways in landscapes.
I have a lot to learn but am rather pleased with the result.
Yin yang front x200Yin yang side x200Yin yang three quarter x200

I have been enjoying the "whole" body experience of sculpturing larger pieces so I decided that I was going to make my big beads mini sculptures. These are my first attempts. As neckpieces they are delightful but the results lack sculptural integrity. I want to achieve a sculpture that just happens to be wearable. The bursting beads remind me of an adventure in one of the Narnia books, where, down in the underworld kingdoms living gemstones exist - 'not the dead stones you find near the surface, but rubies growing that you can pluck and squeeze yourself a cupful of juice'. Fun and fantasy!

asymmetric choker gold x200.Art beads grey detail x200Art beads grey with balls x200

New in Febuary 2018

I was enjoying the hollow bead asymmetric neck pieces but realised we are not always in the mood for such large pieces so I made a couple of prototypes of a more "delicate" design. Both the cluster lariat and the choker are inspired by vintage pieces. I think they show potential and I hope to make some more soon. (I will also try to improve the lighting when I take the photos- the "pod" in the choker design is full of broken stripes in earth colours and the large hollow bead asymmetric neck piece is full of rich reds and golds)


asymmetriclariat green cluster 200asymmetric light seed 200asymmetric large red and gold rich 200

I am experimenting with different strings for multi stranded neck pieces. I want some more natural products for those who don't want the black tubing (rubber, plastic, silicon? Who knows?). Here is a prototype using waxed cotton cord. The beads are to give the cord "weight" and I have tried a different pattern on each side.  I will next try rolled leather and maybe translucent beads on the stringing cord. This left over "hippy" prototype I will colour with alcohol inks to achieve a variegated effect. it would be nice to try some braided leather for the large hollow bead asymmetric necklace....

asymmetric string and wood detail 200asymmetric string and wood 200

New in january 2018

I wanted to explore the hollow bead asymmetric neck pieces a little more. Here are 3 variations. The organic textured version with connecting trumpets or cone beads did not suit the asymmetric stringing and has become, instead, a soft but large necklace. The red and grey neck piece is subtle but the silver and russet mica glow when the light catches them. I was inspired by a neckpiece I saw at Maryvonne Millon's market stall in Cap d'Adge in 2017.  Maryvonne uses glossy smaller ceramic beads and metal washers strung on steel cable enclosed in clear tubing.

Russet silver assymetric neckpiece 200xGrey red assymetric neckpiece 200xgreen bronze hollow bead necklace 200x

A friend suggested I use graduated pinched petals instead of hollow beads. The colours form a subtle gradient from fuchsia to cyan and the petal size also decreases along the length. I have made the sides different lengths so the petals trail up the neckline. Each strand can lie separately or be snaked around its partner. 
Assymetric pinched petal 1 200xAssymetric pinched petal 4 200x

New in December 2017

I opted to run a Xmas market stall at my local town, Toronto.  The markets were twilight markets and I had to scramble for lighting.  More importantly I wanted to handcraft some low cost xmas gift or novelty items.  Yvonne and I focussed on resin earrings encapsulting xmas images - some cartons, some religious and lot, historic.  For example Christmas cards from the 19 century. There is no paper in these earrings so discolouration does not happen.  Of course with resin manufacture you loose quite a few - so we have Xmas pendants as well. We made some hair binders using handcrafted larger beads and no-snag eleastic and some small bead elastic bracelets.

StudioKY Xmas earring specials    xmas earring detail 2     Xmas earring detail 1

New designs

I enjoy the results of image transfer onto resin but my real love is designing new and interesting pieces.  So between resin pours I sneaked some time designing and making.  Here is an asymmetric design inspired by the work of an artisan from the Cap d'Adge street markets in France.  I have used different material, different dimensions and, in this example, created a comptempory aboriginal design on some of the hollow  beads. (The background is my new kitchen bench - very red!)

I noticed that I had sold most of the bright/strong pinched petal necklaces and tried to find time to made some more - well I have made the petals but still to string them!

Brown asymmetric 1        Red petals



New in October 2017

I came back from Europe with a need to accomplish 4 things: One was to make some "display" pieces to attract the eye of potential customers: Two was to design a "new" standard" necklace. Three was to integrate beading into the braids. Four was to create some more figurines - All eleven I took over to France sold as a single installation.

Display pieces

These are all very large necklaces and hae already attracted a lot of attention at my market stall. The second piece, made of hollow beads sold the first day it was displayed. The first piece inspired a commission - "similar colours and shapes in the assymetric style, please."

Oct17 Display Redblack x160Oct17 Hollow beads1 x160Oct17 Display monotone rocks x160Oct17 Display monotone discs x160


My new "Standard" necklace design

I forgot to photograph the first few I made and they sold as soon as they hit the stall.  But these are also nice. The necklace has a centre focal area of 7 to 11 cm of feature beads connected to braid or thick rubber "statement" string. In general the feature beads hang lower than more traditional neckpieces.

Oct17 braid beads5 x160Oct17 braid beads 3 x160Oct17 Braid beads x160Oct17 Braid beads 2 x160


Cluster beads

I spent a long time making 8 braided round cord incorporating beads in many patterns.  However, in the end I designed an 12 bead "cluster" strung on stretch stringing.  These can be hung on braid, normal chains (although Omego chain looks best) or combined in groups.  Here I show single colours or a graduated blend of bead from burgandy to yellow. In fact variations look stunning and I had a young girl thrilled with a grey, pink and white cluster - some plains and some patterns.  

Oct17 Cluster multiple x160Oct17 cluster 1 x160Oct17 cluster 2 x160




I was entralled by some dance routines found on YouTube.  Many of will may recognise these poses.

Oct17 dancers 2 x160Oct17 dancers 1 x160Oct17 dancers 2a x160

I have been accepting commissions for figurines but will not be taking pieces to the markets as they are difficult to pack.  Instead I will look at completing installations and approaching galleries.

New in May 2017

I moved house in early May and, in preparation for the annual migration to Europe I focussed on a range of jewelry for Terre Sauvage in Belves, France. As the shop features a lot of sculptures and decor items from artisans in Zimbawee I wanted to evoke a synergy between the works on display. I had just designed a few canes - not all of the them met my brief - when the owner of Terre Sauvage raved about how successful the monotone pieces I had made in 2016 were proving to be in the opening of the 2017 season. As a result I produced a few canes in black/white monotone.


Pinched petal green tribal stripes 200x160Red and black stain glass pinched petal 200x160Bead necklace in tribal green swirls black 200x160Faux bronze necklace 200x160

The monotone examples ranged from greys to stark black and white.

Monotone long pinched petal necklace 200x160Pinched Petal black white zipper foot spiral 200x160

New in April 2017

I have finished lots of fun twisted resin shapes ready to show my local galleries but I sell pieces before they I go on the road and before I have photographed them.  

However, I have remembered to photo some commissioned pieces.  My figurines have caught the imagination of some viewers at my market stall. One father wanted a footballer for his daughter. After discussion we agreed that the footballer should hange from his daughter's car's rear vision mirror, His daughter has since received her father's gift and enjoys most of all the uniqueness.  My next commission was for some figurines in sprint kayaks - all done in Australian Olympian colours. Initally I thought nothing of it until I realised I had to model the kayaks as well!  My first kayak was too wide and the finished kayaks rely on optical illusion to increase their length.

Footballer 1 200x160kayaks glossed 005 119x160kayaks glossed 002 121x160kayaks glossed 003 240x160kayak glossed wide 132x160

New in March 2017

I have been working on a display case for resin pieces. I have chosen two colour schemes: one is a soft pastel abstract leaf and the pieces featuring this image go into the base. The other is a striking purple with lime green line work and the pieces featuring this image are attached to the lid.

The examples I am showing below are all images which have been trapped between layers of resin but I will be including cast pieces in my display case as well. I have selected the more unusual shapes to show you but my examples include many earrings in geometric and organic shapes. Some pieces I applied a third layer of resin over the white so that when the back showed it complimented the image. On other pieces, particular when I didn't want to add thickness as in the case of the twisted shapes, I used alcohol inks to create an abstract colour background.

The collar was a little underwhelming until I added the sead pearls on chains.  It was snapped up within minutes of it being set up on display - whereas without the added detail it had not gotten more than a glance. There is a lesson to be learnt there!  Maybe the twisted resin necklace would benefit from some dangles like its original in polymer clay that also sold very quickly to a customer who liked the unusual.

Resin collar 2 x200Resin twisted pendant in pastel leaf 200x160Twisted resin necklace pastel leaf 200x160Twisted resin pendant in purple green 200x160Resin folded pendant pastel leaf 200x160Resin earring dangles in pastel leaf large 200x160

New November 2016

For the last few months I have been focussing on Collectible gift figurines. One line features "Action" Figurines which showcase figurines in motion - pole dancing, climbing, surfing and yoga (zero movement!). !F1116002b 200x160F1116001 200x160F1116003 200x160F1116004b 200x160F1116005 200x160F1116006 200x160F1116007 200x160F1116008 200x160F1116009 200x160F1116009 200x160F1116010 200x160

Another line features "Antique" figurines which (usually) showcase figurines treated with metal coatings and then aged with patinas (real oxides). I took some figurines I had modelled a few months ago and coated them with metal. I then applied patinas. They are more successful in this finish than plain black. Most of the pieces have loops on the back and can be pinned on a scarf, jacket, curtain or rope (for hanging on a wall or from a rod). The pair of haut relief figurines will work best as fridge magnets or mounted flat against a wall panel.

F1116011 200x160F1116012 200x160F1116013 200x160F1116014 200x160F1116015 200x160F1116018 200x160F1116017 200x160

New September 2016

Since finishing the pinched petals for Terre Savauge  in Belves, France I focused on three directions. One: complete any pieces littering my studio. Two: Develop new designs using pinched petals. Three: design a commission necklace for a client who wanted something to wear with denim jeans and white shirts for summer.

0916001 200x1600916002 200x1600916003 200x1600916004 200x1600916005 200x1600916006 200x1600916007 200x1600916008 200x160

New August 2016

I arrived home in Australia aware that I needed to produce some pinched petal necklaces for Ondine to sell. They needed to show different styles. I had 2 weeks to finalise the necklaces and I was jet lagged. Here are some of those I produced. They got to Ondine in time along with a group of earrings showing styles I think I could produce wholesale.

0816002 200x1600816004 200x1600816001 200x1600816003 200x160

New in July 2016

July was a busy month for StudioKY. First I attended an interesting conference run by the International Polymer Clay Association in Bordeaux, France. The focus was polymer clay used in art, whether its use was incidental or the focus.  Some of us displayed our work during the conference. My display was "Celebrating the human figure and the Australian landscape". Examples of the figurine brooches are shown in the blog entry "Life Modelling" but an example of a landscape brooch with some details from other brooches are below the photos of the display.

 IPCA display 1 200x160IPCA display 2 200x160IPCA display 3 200x160IPCA display 4 200x 160

Landscape brooch 160x200Landscape detail 200x200 20160521 113959Landscape detail 200x200 20160521 113919Landscape detail 200x200 20160521 114117

I next visited my friend Ondine, owner of Terre Sauvage in Belves, France. Ondine was just opening a shopfront and asked me if I would like to leave my jewelery with her. We were very pleased with the result as we had limited materials - just what I brought with me from Bordeaux and an antique show case.

Shop window 200x160TS shop composite 200x160TS elephant 200x160TS coq. 200x160


Figures modelled from Life Drawings

Photo brooch 12 200x160Figure on bronze brooch 200x160Photo brooch 11 200x160Figure brooch 200x160 IMG 123246

These figurines make unusual brooches, pendants, knick knack, curtain tie backs or just mini sculptures. They have rubber hoops on the back that makes pinning or hanging an easy process. These are the brooches I took with me to France. I like the figures on their own but recognise that the unsupported limbs are more fragile.

Life model 001 200x160Life model 002 200x160Life model 004 200x160Life model 005 200x160These figures are sitting on shapes. They are 3-D sculptures or really "haut relief".  They can be a brooch, a pendant or a knick knack sat amongst river pebbles. They can be mounted on spikes so they sit in a pot plant, tied to a cord and used as a curtain tie back.  They are fun, always unusual and make a stunning statement piece of jewelry.





1015014 200x1601015013 200x1601015006 200x1600216009 200x160

Euro charm beads 001 200x160Euro charm beads 003 200x160Euro charm beads 004 200x160Euro charm beads 006 200x160Euro charm beads 008 200x160European Charm Beads and hanging charms.

Interchangeability and customer choice are the key features of this new range of Art Jewellery. From the discreet to the statement this range of Art jewelery is, often unusual , sometimes sophsticated but occassional brash. 


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